The 2013 Acrylic painting workshop with Georgia Mansur continued in the same inspiring vein on Day 2.

If you’ve arrived here without reading about the first day of this workshop, this is where you can find it.

There was even more information to absorb on the second day of our workshop weekend with Georgia Mansur. Her sample sheets of watercolour samples are mesmerising and fascinating and make me want to rush around my kitchen grabbing rinse aid and bleach so I can play with new effects.

Georgia Mansur Watercolour-samples
Georgia Mansur’s Gel Samples

After looking at these, we moved on to talking about gels and pastes, and once again Georgia has a brilliant set of examples to illustrate their textures and provide inspiration for their use. Georgia send out course notes and preparation work before we arrived. Even so, I found I was writing copious notes on all the additional ideas she shared.  She really is phenomenally generous with her knowledge.

Georgia Mansur Gell-samples
Georgia elaborates on different gels and their uses

As a follow up to our initial loosening up painting on Day 1, we were ready to paint a more structured painting on the second day.  Although much of what we learned was practical, technique-oriented work, perhaps the most valuable part of the weekend for me was the opportunity to reflect on the less tangible elements of painting.

The creative guidelines that resonated most for me

– Creativity is problem solving. Thinking about it in these terms really works for me. It’s part of what I love about the challenge of painting.
– Boundaries are liberating. Learn to see creative uses for every day items.
– Suspend judgement. Stop the negative self-talk from blocking your creativity.
– Allow time and space for the right brain to join in the playing.
– The time when you feel most frustrated may well be the time just before a breakthrough: persevere.
– Creativity involves all your senses. Pay attention to everything around you (I’ve always called this living consciously). So often we forget to do that as life overtakes our free time.

I’ve got so much wonderful material to work through and absorb. If the aim of a workshop is to push you to the next level with your painting, Georgia’s sessions do that, in spades!


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After the acrylic painting workshop with Georgia Mansur

Back in the studio, I’ve put the finishing touches to Meadow Flowers, and found a fabulous box in which to store my collection of treasure for use in future paintings.

Georgia Mansur Workshop Vandy Massey-MM-Meadow-flowers
Meadow Flowers (Mixed Media 40cm x 50cm)

And then I did a conventional figurative painting. Georgia’s workshops cross the boundaries of subject and style. She is able to support artists who want to paint in a highly expressive style as well as anyone who wants to be more literal in their interpretation of a scene.

Georgia Mansur workshop
Flow – Created in Georgia Mansur’s workshop

Georgia’s started me off on my acrylic journey. With her guidance, I was able to find a path into working in acrylics from my watercolour style. As always, my work continues to develop, but after spending these two days with Georgia, I felt able to take the leap into working in acrylics as well as in watercolour.