Seize the moment to paint with Sky Arts finalist, Aine Divine:

When: 26th and 27th October 2020

Where: Whittlesford Memorial Hall, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4NE

Want to learn to paint flowers that reflect your unique personality?

Aine Divine can show you how.

Using mixed media and buckets of joy, she brings her knowledge, energy and  generosity to her students.

This was undoubtedly the best workshop I've been on. The outstanding feature was the attention to each participant by Aine, her comments, her encouragement, her engagement with YOUR work and how YOU paint.


Hands up if the last workshop you attended was before lockdown.

  • Are you keen to paint with other people again?

  • Are you missing in-depth discussion with a tutor?

  • Are you longing for a change of inspiration?

But are you worried about the risks?

If so, we're got you covered:

  • Large venue with excellent ventilation
  • Limited attendee numbers with loads of space between work stations (and more attention from Aine!)
  • Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities provided
  • Masks and face shields available for all (or bring your own)
  • Our team will be on hand to provide regular cleaning and sanitising


It's time to jump right in and get learning again!



The energy and inspiration that Aine brought to the workshop along with the personal tuition meant I came away feeling so motivated.



AAine Divine - One of our Painting Workshop Tutorsine is a portrait artist and art teacher living in Roslin, Midlothian.  She was shortlisted for the Irish National Portrait Award three years in a row and was an award winner in 1993.

She is famous for being a finalist on Sky Portrait Artist of the year in 2014 and as a result, her watercolour portrait workshop in February was sold out in record time!

What many people don't know is that Aine is an accomplished painter of landscapes and flowers. Her mixed media flower paintings express the joy and exuberance of flowers and sell for thousands of pounds.

This is what Aine says about flower paintings:

You can understand why Monet was so taken by his garden. Flowers in their variety of form and vibrant colours are a great source of inspiration, each seems to have a character all of its own.  The thing that strikes me about flowers is that it's hard to beat the real thing. I've never seen a more beautiful painting of flowers than a Renoir still life in the Impressionists exhibition at the RSA last year, they seemed alive and moving on the canvas.

Her mixed media flower paintings have been featured in a tutorial in Artists & Illustrators magazine in which she says

I want to pass on my expressive approach to painting still lifes from observation using mixed media. I find this way of working freeing and fun. When a painting is started with an attitude of freedom and joy, this energy shines through the finished painting.

Be free and alive in your mark-making, and adventurous with colour and paint consistency. This will happen naturally if we don’t pin ourselves down to a particular outcome. As we observe the subject, inspiration enters: we become curious and intuitively begin to play.

Imagine painting with Aine in real life and being energised by her adventurous attitude to mark making and paint?

Now is your chance to paint with a world famous artist.


If these examples inspire you but you still need a reason to book a place on this workshop?

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