The Paint, Paper and Clay Exhibition is a collaboration of five artists. Initially, I came up with the idea for this exhibition as an extension of my Open Studios month. In previous years of taking part in Cambridge Open Studios I’ve chosen to open on two of the four possible weekends to open but this year, because I’ve not had a proper open studio month since July 2019, I decided to open for all four weekends.

And then, just after opening for my first weekend, this exhibition started coming together.  One of the reasons I am so thrilled we are hosting this exhibition is that every other artist in the group has made an important impact on my art life.  Here’s how they enhance my art, and what exceptional artwork they will be showing.

The Artists of the Paint, Paper and Clay Exhibition

Paintings in Watercolour and Liquid Charcoal

Stephie Butler paintings in Watercolour and Liquid Charcoal

Stephie Butler has built a reputation for her evocative paintings of wildlife and her atmospheric portraits in watercolour and liquid charcoal.  So inspiring are her paintings that she also regularly workshops in this exciting medium. Places on her workshops are in demand.

Stephie and I have spent many days experimenting with new media in my studio. When the world went into lockdown, we kept our studio days going over video. And we have collaborated on the biggest watercolour painting either of us has ever created.


Mark Judson introduced me to painting when I decided I wanted to see whether I could wield a brush with any effectiveness. Seeking insight into my affinity, or not, for painting, it was Mark I asked for guidance. My aim for the 4-days of studio time was to try as many different media as I could, so Mark took me through drawing, watercolours, pastels, oil pastels and finally acrylic paints.

Watercolours proved the most challenging for me – so naturally, that was the medium I wanted most to master. Within two years, Mark and I had our first joint exhibition.

Mark Judson Ceramics


Marc Massey Photography

It is wonderful to have Marc’s photographs being shown in the Paint, Paper and Clay exhibition. Usually, his contribution to my open studios isn’t very visible, but is hugely important because he enables me to take the time to paint. Aside from supporting my painting life in so many ways,  he is also a life long photographer whose work inspires many of my paintings.

When we travel, I sketch and he takes photographs. I get new perspectives on new places because Marc’s photographs will reveal aspects of its beauty that I hadn’t even noticed. After a lifetime of passion about capturing images through his lens, his way of seeing the world is remarkable.

Handmade Books

I’ve always been in awe of people who can create beautiful books and Helen Perry is one of those people.  She crafts enticing pieces of art from that wonderful material: paper.

When I decided to try making my own sketchbooks, I signed up for Helen’s classes and got an up close look at how she works and the remarkable creations she produces. Helen’s books are meant to be seen and because they are so special, they foster creativity in their owners. They entice the writer to pen beautiful words, the artist to draw or paint personal images.

Helen Perry Handmade Books

Paint, Paper and Clay Exhibition Details

Paint, Paper and Clay Exhibition takes place at 19 Church Close, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4NY.

Dates: 30th and 31st July, 2022

Opening Times: 11am to 6pm

Contact me for more information.