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Aine Divine Portrait Workshop


Two day workshop – Portraits in watercolour by Aine Divine.

Dates: 17th and 18th February, 2020

Times: 10am to 5pm

Venue: Whittlesford Memorial Hall, 1 Mill Lane, Whittlesford, CAMBS, CB22 4NE

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Product Description

In the Aine Divine Portrait Workshop, Aine will freely share with you the techniques she finds useful when painting portraits from life in watercolour. But more than that she wants to pass on ways she has found, of allowing the creative flow to be engaged. To emphasise the importance of being fully present; connecting to the earth beneath our feet, to the air we breathe. To find our way to the stillness within, where our personal creative power resides. Inspiration is at the core of what I do. I am inspired to draw out that astonishing brightness we hold within us. A colour and rhythm that is ours alone.

Here’s an idea of what to expect on this workshop. Aine will begin each day with a demonstration and take the opportunity to discuss ways she eases herself into the painting process. She is a great believer in looking after ourselves as we go to paint, and being aware of the physical body.  So she’ll be encouraging you to remember to breathe and generally look after yourself, keeping a radar up for any tension that may arise. She finds we are then more willing to take that joyful leap of faith needed when painting from life.

She’ll also explain practical things, like what colours to mix to represent the shadows on the skin, the hair and so on. We will look at ways of using the flat brushes to explain the position of the features, and the general forms of the model, swiftly and with ease. She’ll also demonstrate lifting-off, so that you can feel the freedom of being able to lay the colour down with confidence, knowing you can ‘eat into it’ like a rubber in charcoal later on.

She will encourage you to be fully attentive to the shapes that make up the model, to steady yourself and observe in the way needed for painting. As the day goes on she will see each person individually and, even do little demonstrations from your viewpoint, and discuss whatever comes up for you as you paint. There really is great joy to be had in working from life in this way, looking and painting down our fresh discoveries moment by moment.

We will stop painting at 4pm every day, so we have the opportunity to have a look at the lovely paintings that evolved during the day

To find out more about Aine, visit her website.

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