Amanda Brett – Painting Outside the Lines


A two day workshop exploring abstraction and design, shapes and marks, pattern and creating physical and visual texture.

Dates: 6th and 7th June, 2020

Times: 10am to 4.30pm

Venue: Whittlesford Memorial Hall, 1 Mill Lane, Whittlesford, CAMBS, CB22 4NE

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Product Description

Amanda Brett two-day Abstract Waterbased-media workshop.
Discoveries in watercolour are all the sweeter because it’s a fantastic medium to play with. This is where you can make your best discoveries – just by playing and understanding the relationships between hand, heart, brush, paper, pigment and water! Playing gives us the confidence to just take a risk and throw some colour down and see what happens. Playing also gives us the latitude to slow down and see the wonders the pigments create all by themselves leading us to paint and create intuitively.
In this workshop, we’ll explore abstraction and design, shapes and marks, pattern and creating physical and visual texture. We’ll also focus on playing with new colours and pigments, new tools and media and develop our concept and design thinking processes.

Join Amanda and experiment with washes and shapes to create abstract floral or still life works of art!!

Amanda’s daily demonstrations include an emphasis on design principles, composition, colour and value relationships. By helping you to simplify what you see and how you think, Amanda will work with you to develop quick and energetic painting skills whilst focusing on your painting “idea”.  A wonderful opportunity to paint with a contemporary watercolour master.
In this workshop,  participants will explore abstraction and design, shapes and marks, pattern and creating physical and visual texture.

Feedback on Amanda Brett workshops

I really enjoyed the workshop yesterday. You are a fun and effective teacher and I do feel encouraged to keep trying. I was pretty happy with my first effort at watercolour, which has given me a bit of confidence after a couple of less successful tries at painting with acrylics. Maybe the problem was the medium and not me! My table mates were so nice and the whole experience was just a lovely treat. Thanks so much


Just wanted to say a big thank you for your amazing class and your lovely charming character. I literally enjoy being at your class, it’s so much fun and the way you teach us play with colors is amazing! I was sitting in front of my computer at work and remembering how much fun I had yesterday painting that flower and jar! Then I felt I like to share this good feeling with you 🙂 Have a great day and keep shining our beautiful teacher :* 🙂 See you next week

Maryam H

To find out more about Amanda Brett, see her website.

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