Vandy Massey is an expressive artist who creates exuberant paintings of landscapes and flowers.

Facilitating artist development is something of a passion. Running workshops with some of the world's foremost tutors is the result.

 Vandy is part of the ARTPowerup team,  developing online classes and resources for artists.

"Paintings filled with joy, energy and colour"


Cambridge Journal

Workshop Tutors

Painting Autumn

Some years, the joy of painting autumn, like the season itself seems to creep in unnoticed. We all wait for spring and summer for their vibrant, fresh colours. Flowers are brilliant sunshine hues. They grow and bloom at increasing pace, giving us changes in the…

Explorations in paint

What’s the difference between experimentation and explorations in paint? We use the words interchangeably as I said in my last post about whether artists should experiment. I find myself doing this too, even though they aren’t the same. There’s another question about the difference between…

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