Run through the jungle



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Run Through the Jungle is inspired by unspoiled rainforests and water courses where the impact of the man-made world has not yet intruded.

Water rushes along a fast river as it races towards the edge the horizon. A lush curtain of rainforest trees hides the water course and the density of the forest on either side of the river is sensed rather seen.  The feeling that the trees carpet the land adjoining the water is enhanced by the soft light filtering through them.

The focus of this painting is on the energy of the fast-flowing water. Scattered rocks lead the viewer to the racing river water, and on to the edge of the rapids on the horizon.

Rainforests are critical to the health of our planet. Their eco-systems are fundamental to our survival. Above all, we need to protect our planet’s trees. Consequently, I support Woodland Trust with a donation of a portion of the profits on all my landscape paintings.



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