Wild Country

These two mini-series are linked by my attraction to the wild places of the United Kingdom. The landscapes of coast and valley have distinct rugged characters, both invigorating in their untamed beauty. They change mood with the weather as it casts different cloaks over the shoulder of the land. Wild places are never boring.

I hope you enjoy viewing these painting. Purchase details, more images and information can be found by just clicking the image.  If you are local to me (CB22 area) and would like to collect, please select the ‘Local pickup‘ shipping option to remove shipping costs.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about any of these paintings.

Coastal Path

35 w x 20 h | Mixed Media


Inspired by walks along the North Norfolk Coast. The sinewy channels of the mud flats create beguiling trails under the wide blue skies.  Grey-blue waters lap against wooden posts before bursting into salt spray.


Heather and Gorse - Acrylic painting

Heather and Gorse

42 w x 17 h | Acrylic on paper

Welsh trails series


Walking the welsh hills feeds my love of wild places.  It’s a space where the world feels at peace and the air is fresh.

Mixed media painting - Vale of Ewyas

Vale of Ewyas

22 x 22 cm | Acrylic on paper

Black Mountain Trail - acrylic painting

Black Mountain Trail

35 w x 17 h | Acrylic on paper

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