Heather and Gorse



Paper size: 42 x 17cm

Sold unframed.
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Heather and gorse is part of the Wild Country collection

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In the hills of north Wales and Shropshire at the right time of year, the purple heather and yellow gorse stretch to the horizon. The earth turns from green to yellow and purple.

I love to head for the hills to enjoy the open spaces and the beauty of the Welsh countryside.

When time allows, I take a sketchbook with me to capture the feel of the day. This day, the hills were a patchwork of yellow gorse flowers and purple heather.  The Heather and Gorse acrylic painting is a response to the experience. The experience of standing in a landscape that vibrated with the complimentary colours.

Being in the landscape evokes a feeling of profound awe and joy.  These moments are etched in our memories forever. The feel of the wind blasting across the exposed hill tops, the scrambling down slate slopes with fingertips gripping the rock face to provide a steadying support. The intensified taste of hot aromatic tea sipped while perched on a rock looking out over the long grass to the folding hills in the distance.

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