The 100 Day Project for artists was the subject of the Art Juice podcast episode I listened to in my studio today so this seems a good time to write about it. I’ve made a keen start in past years, but never managed to last for the full period. But even incomplete, a consistent practice still delivers value so I’ve started again this year.

Through January I completed 30 days of yoga. In the past, this is another series I’ve started but not finished. This time, not only did I finish the 30 days but I’ve continued to do a daily yoga session, and it has now become a good habit. I’ve also started my continuous art project which I will roll into the 100 day project for artists.

Getting started on your project

Taking the first step is always the toughest part, because the first step is deciding on your focus for the challenge. It’s not easy deciding on the particular flavour of art you want to spend time on for 100 days, given that there are so many possibilities . So I’ve put together some suggestions for painters:

  • 100 days of sketching your garden
  • 100 days of drawing with your non-dominant hand
  • 100 days of composition thumbnails
  • 100 days of patterns
  • 100 days of colour studies
  • 100 days of monochrome
  • 100 days of life drawing
  • 100 days of painting (cats/dogs/birds/pick your animal)
  • 100 days of sketching from your old holiday photos
  • 100 days of collage
  • 100 days of loose watercolour
  • 100 days of washes
  • 100 days of line drawings
  • 100 days of imaginary landscapes
  • 100 days of imaginary creatures
  • 100 days of ink and wash

Each of these will have your own particular flavour, because even if it seems like something other people will be doing, we all have a different process.

Making the most of your 100 days

Pick something you’ll be happy to spend time on for 100 days

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a day or two – you can always catch up. I often work in small batches. When I can’t get into the studio for a little while I’ve got some pre-prepared that just need the final touches.

Even if you don’t finish the full 100 days, remind yourself that you’ve gained experience, practice, knowledge, or just had a lot of fun.

Sharing your 100 day project

Even in lockdown, we can connect through social media on projects like this. If you want to read more about the project and how you can be involved, here’s the 100 day project website.
I will post about my 100 day project on my Instagram feed next week. If you want to share your posts with me and include the hashtag #100dayprojectwithvandy along with whatever other hashtags you choose.

Let’s do it!