About the Tutors

Selecting workshop tutors who are passionate about teaching is the key to providing artists with valuable and enjoyable events. We choose artists who are known internationally as being some of the best in their medium - artists like Eugen Chisnicean, Olivia Quintin, Janine Gallizia and David Poxon RI.

"I seek out artists whose workshops are in demand internationally,  and whose work I admire. Finally, I ask myself whether I would be happy to invest time learning from this person.
These are our workshop tutors."



Workshop Tutors

Workshop tutor
Painted wolf by Stephie Butler

Stephie Butler

Workshop tutor
Her work is expressive, loose yet detailed, conveying feeling in every brushstroke. A trained draughtswoman, self taught in watercolour, each piece contains the keynotes of design and emotion. Elected member of the Society of Women Artists in 2018 with whom she now regularly exhibits, at...
Belle Ile en mer by Olivia Quintin

Olivia Quintin

Workshop tutor
Olivia Quintin is a French artist based in Vannes, Brittany. She spent her childhood in Saint-Malo, involved in drawing and creative making like knitting and sewing. It was only when she met her husband, pastel artist Alain Fortier, that she became interested in the world...
Isabellas Roses by Janine Gallizia

Janine Gallizia

Workshop tutor
Born in Australia, Janine Gallizia began drawing the day she discovered crayons. In 1995 she moved to London where she worked as a designer creating clothing and logos for companies such as Harley Davidson, Honda, Martini, IBM, Fosters etc. In 1997, at the age of...
Georgia Mansur watercolour landscape

Georgia Mansur

Workshop tutor
International Award-winning artist Georgia Mansur grew up in California and moved to Australia in 1984. Georgia travels and teaches about 8 months of the year and has been Artist in Residence at Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, and AIR at Cable Beach Broome. She teaches...
Eugene Chisnicean 3

Eugen Chisnicean

Workshop tutor
Eugen was born in 1984 in a small town in the north of the Republic of Moldova. His early interest in art was influenced by his father who was engaged in painting and photography.  At the age of 11, Eugen entered the Children’s School of...
roman holidayjpg

David Poxon

Workshop tutor
David Poxon was born in the Industrial heartland of England, but now makes his home in the rural countryside of Shropshire. U.K. He is an elected member of the prestigious R.I. (The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours) and serves on the R.I. Council He...
Amanda Brett watercolour artist Web Workshop page

Amanda Brett

Workshop tutor
Amanda is an award-winning internationally recognised en plein air watercolour artist. Her works are held in collections in Italy, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia. Amanda loves watercolour painting. She’s totally addicted to the chemical reactions produced by the combination of organic watercolour pigments,...

Alvaro Castagnet

Workshop tutor
Flamboyant artist Alvaro Castagnet is one of the world’s great watercolour masters with a growing list of achievements every year as his body of work flourishes and he pursues exciting directions. Alvaro has never ceased to develop and progress his art. It evolves from vividly...
Lake in Red

Aine Divine

Workshop tutor
Aine is a portrait artist and art teacher. Originally from Co. Cork, she graduated in 1991 from the Crawford College of Art and Design and in 1995 gained a Higher Diploma in art teaching. Now living in Roslin, Midlothian she teaches, paints, and is a...
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